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1. Is QuickClicker a bot?

QuickClicker is not a bot and it does not violate traffic exchange terms. The software can not perform any clicks for you while you are away. A real human is required to be surfing at the computer to benefit from QuickClicker.

2. How does it work?

When you run the QuickClicker software with your current browser when you surf traffic exchanges, it switches tabs automatically when you click a surf icon. This function reduces the surfing time with a few seconds when you are surfing several traffic exchanges at the same time. Using our software and strategies, you can gain thousands of credits per hour.

3. Will using QuickClicker get me banned on my traffic exchanges?

QuickClicker can not perform any tasks for you while you are away. The software can only help you to drastically surf more efficiently and will not cause any issues by use on manual traffic exchanges.

4. Will QuickClicker receive updates to the software?

QuickClicker is an ongoing project and will receive regular updates and added features.

5. Will QuickClicker work with my version of Windows?

QuickClicker runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 3.1 to Windows 10.

6. Does QuickClicker use any information on my computer?

QuickClicker does not have the ability to view, send or receive any information from your computer. QuickClickers only communication is but a millisecond to verify the software license with our server.

7. Will QuickClicker work with all of my traffic exchanges?

QuickClicker will work with all manual traffic exchanges that have a surfbar requiring a mouse click.

8. Will QuickClicker work with my web browser?

QuickClicker will work with all browsers that use tabs. With Opera browser you need to first go to your settings and disable mouse gestures and untick Cycle tabs in most recently used order". As far as we know there are no other issues with current browsers.

9. I keep getting the message Licence Key has been tampered with. What does this mean?

Normally there are 2 reasons you would get this message. The first is that your key may be in use by someone else. If this is the case please contact us using the link below. Don't forget to provide your user id and current key.

The second reason is that something on your system is blocking the application from checking the licence with our server. Before you contact us regarding this message please disable all Antivirus monitoring software and set your firewall to allow the QuickClicker application to interact with our server.